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  • rebecca lian

Staying Positive in Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainty, we must be certain of our ability to persevere.

What a year – am I right? It's only been three and a half months, but it's been jam-packed with absolute craziness. Never in a million years, would I have thought I would live through a worldwide pandemic. I know COVID-19 is serious, but it still feels so surreal to me. I think it's because I'm still shocked at how it's affecting literally everyone's lives, infected or not.

It's easy to feel upset or frustrated because of the circumstances we're in – social distancing, quarantining, etc. Or maybe even losing your job. Regardless, our routines have changed indefinitely. A drastic shift in day to day life mixed with uncertainty of what the future holds is a perfect recipe for anxiety.

I spent most of the first month at home feeling extremely lonely and anxious. Heading into the second month, I felt a bit more calm and accepting of the situation we're in. I've taken time to reflect and discover what works best for me in adapting to this new life.

Something I'm consciously working on is not worrying or overthinking as much. I'm doing my best to take things one day at a time, and accept that these circumstances are outside of my control. What I can control is how I get by everyday and trying not to think too far into the future, AKA the unknown.

I'd always been praised for my positivity, but in all honesty I've struggled with it during these times just like many other people. It's important to remember though: a positive attitude is something any of us are capable of attaining. This is something I work on every day. Here are three things I'm doing to boost my positivity during this very seemingly depressing time:

1. Practice Gratitude

Now, more than ever, we need to take time to be thankful. Take at least a few minutes every day and remind yourself of what you have to be grateful for. No matter how big or how small, we'll often find that there's a lot more we're thankful for than we realize. The more we practice gratitude, the more we'll remember all the good we have right now, and the less we'll focus on anything we feel is lacking.

2. Shift My Mindset

It's all about mindset. It can sound really annoying when you're not in a good mood and you're stubborn about changing your mood – I know because I've been there – but I promise it makes a huge difference. Don't get me wrong – it's okay to feel upset. In fact, you should allow yourself to feel however you're truly feeling. It's important to acknowledge and process those emotions – just don't stay put in those negative feelings.

An example of a mindset shift I had to make is when I got furloughed. My job was the only real structure I had left; I felt lost not knowing what I was going to do from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Instead of sulking in that feeling for long, I shifted my thought to "I have a lot of free time now to focus on myself, and am thankful to have a job waiting for me when this is done." In making that shift, I was able to focus on what I wanted to do with my free time, rather than feel lost and scared of this change.

3. Have Faith

This has become a little newer for me if I'm being honest. I've always been spiritual but over the past few months or so, I've really leaned into God more. Doing so has helped with my anxiety by knowing that He has a plan greater than I could possibly know.

There's this one song that says "You took what the enemy meant for evil, and you turned it for good." Those lyrics hit me differently the other day, and I thought about the good that is coming from this madness. In all of this chaos, my faith in Him calms me.


While these may not be revolutionary methods in increasing positivity, I've found them more helpful now than ever. These are very trying times, but I truly believe in the good that is coming out of this – connectedness and empathy, for example. We will get through this.


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