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Taking the First Step

Before I share any other posts, I need to share this.

The initial launch of my blog felt so exciting. I felt so happy and so proud of myself for finally doing it. I was excited to share this personal accomplishment, and all of the positive responses and support meant the world to me.

The next day I watched part of the IGTV I posted announcing the launch, and my anxiety started to overcome me. Who do you think you are? What are you actually going to do with this blog? Are you really going to keep up with this? Stop fooling yourself. You’re a phony. You’re hyping this up for nothing. Seriously, who do you think you are?

Then someone asked me to tell them about my blog, and I didn’t even know what to say aside from the fact that I created it because I enjoy writing and have been wanting to publish one for a long time. I felt like I needed a more sophisticated answer than that – something that showed more of a plan or some sort of clear objective. My anxiety rose even higher. You don’t even know what your blog is… what’s the point of this?

The negative self-talk was unreal.

After thinking more about these anxieties, I realized that it’s okay. It’s all totally okay, and I need to stop allowing these anxieties to put a boatload of pressure on me. I've been working to show myself grace, and I remind myself that I don’t need to know exactly what I’m doing or where this blog is going. I know why I’m doing it, and that’s allowed to be enough for now. After all, it’s my “why” that will keep me excited to move forward, and help me figure out where I want to take this.

So here's the takeaway:

Just go for it. Take the first step, and go from there – because it’s better to take that first step forward in the direction of your dreams than to spend so long thinking about them and preparing for them that you never actually reach for them.

Don’t get me wrong though – it’s definitely important to prepare and put thought into what it’s going to take to turn your dreams into reality. Planning is crucial. Benjamin Franklin even said “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Just beware that there’s only so much you can plan for before “planning” is just an excuse to not do. In other words, what you may still believe is part of your preparation is really just your procrastination after a certain point.

So it’s okay if it’s scary or if you feel anxious. It’s okay if you’re ready to take one step forward but are unsure about what will come after that. Your reason for doing what you’re doing will keep you moving forward; your "why" will pave the path from one step to the next if you let it. Lean into the unknown, and believe in yourself. I believe in you. Now let’s do this!

3 comentários

rebecca lian
07 de jan. de 2021

Thanks so much Ev! I appreciate it😊 Brandon, I’m glad you could relate!


06 de jan. de 2021

Saw a lot of myself in these words! Doing > thinking


Evelise Velazquez
Evelise Velazquez
06 de jan. de 2021

Love this! Amazing job, Becky! So proud of you

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